MUST READ Preparation for Final Revamp (3.0)

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    It is important for me to hear what you, the players, want for the next map and now I am giving you guys the chance to suggest what you want on OxPvP. These suggestions can be anything from a new gamemode to a HCF change.

    Any suggestion will be recognised and if sensible put into action.

    I want this map to be one to remember.


    Saturday, 31st December @ 2PM EST | 7PM GMT | 12PM PST

    Map Kit:
    Fac Sizes:

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  2. eiw

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  3. Nojkman

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    Ban reset
    more koths
    reset mods make them helpers get more mods so they can work harder to get mod back so u will have more mods and more hardworking
    make it were more stuff in shop for tiny factions to get potions and gear
    make it were there is safezone in end
    Bard have stregnth to make it were its like hcteams with archer and bard but no reaper
    stop the lag sometimes
    advertise more pay more people to do oxpvp resets just make it were people want to play but if they die to a glitch they dont want to so fix glitches make staff more patient.
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  4. Calobie

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  5. Nojkman

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    make all mods an under helpers and recruit more people to helpers to make it competive so the helpers would do there job and owner stay more active.
  6. Calobie

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    Moderators themselves have labored to get to the position they have, and our platform admins recruit more staff, not moderators.
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  7. Jordan

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    Please space out your suggestions x.x

    I, myself, was thinking about suggesting staff being lowered one rank in preparation for the new staff rank. However people will get mad about this and will resign.
  8. Calobie

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    We have discussed this in Telegram and it's simply illogical to move everyone down, because we will then have no senior mods and only one mod+
  9. Zyaf

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    ban reset plsplspls
  10. Calobie

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    I suggest finishing practice
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  11. Rtx_

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    Suggest away fellas
  12. iDropYou

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    Hype! :)
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  13. Rewr

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  14. NoProblem_

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    When is EOTW is it tonight 6pmgmt
  15. Solarise

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    I want lolitsalex and bans to be reset we also need some more koths more often. Fix the ores there is to many 1 vain patches add a lot of ores :p
  16. GlowingControl

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    hold on so when is eotw?
  17. iDropYou

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    No, Next friday
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  18. GlowingControl

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    oh ty
  19. GlowingControl

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    My suggestion for next map is to get a popular YouTuber to play on Ox however I know it is hard but it would bring a bigger player base and more popularity
  20. Calobie

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    Next friday.