MUST READ OxPvP Change Log #2

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Rewr, Jul 24, 2016.

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    Explanation of what this is: So basically, this is going to be weekly or every fortnight update. This is going to tell you the way the staff changes on Ox, and tell you about the newer things on the network. Such as if the network changes in any ways.

    Changes To The Server:
    Whole Server Revamp
    Kitmap Reset
    Minecart elevators added to both Servers

    Staff Promotions:
    Mod --> Mod+
    BO4 Mod --> Mod+

    Staff Receiving First Ranks:
    - Helper
    Sru - Helper
    Fresas - Helper
    L0LXD - Helper
    UXC - Helper
    Anoy - Helper After Resigning

    Staff Demotions:
    - Didn't even play on the server after receiving staff...
    EIWCHEAT - Abused as Staff

    Staff Resigning:
    Hot - Peace


    Appealing Bans:
    Applying For Staff:
    Reporting Players:

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    I'm L0LXD folks xddddddd
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    Nice ChangeLog Rewr

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    L0LXD has been staff xD that Blqck
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    I quote this. "I don't abuse I just go by the rules" EIWCHEAT 1month later she was finally demoted
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    shut up
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    When is de next changlog coming pls
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    Kid. This post is 2 months old can you not ?
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    i feel like you comment on old posts just to be "Active member" am i correct?
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    Yes you are.
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